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JAZ Backflow Prevention LLC, is a certified backflow prevention company which specializes in Backflow Prevention. We are a service company that performs annual tests on backflow devices. Due to the hard water in Arizona, these devices often fail. Our goal is to ensure these mechanical devices called backflow assemblies are functioning properly. JAZBP takes pride in protecting the water supply by testing these mechanical devices. Let JAZBP be your first choice when it comes to servicing your backflow prevention needs.

Why is the city asking for your device to be tested? These are mechanical devices that protect our water supply from harmful contaminates. If your device fails or is malfunctioning, your device is at risk of passing contaminates into the city's water supply. Don't be "that Guy!" Call on JAZBP. Let JAZBP be your first choice when it comes to servicing your backflow prevention needs.

Why do we need Backflow Prevention? Backpressure occurs when the pressure of the contaminate source exceeds the positive pressure in the water distribution system. One example is when the drinking water main has a connection to a property owner’s boiler system.  If the boiler system pressure happens to increase and become higher than the supply pressure, there will be a backflow of boiler water to the drinking water supply.

Backsiphonage is caused when there is a negative pressure in the line.  Water travels down a pressure gradient from high to low.  When there is a drop in line pressure due to a fire hydrant being used or water main break, the drop in pressure causes the building to become high and upstream line to be low.  The water in this case will siphon out of the building and into the water supply.

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